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About The Conference
The Economic Times has always been at the forefront of helping organizations and professionals gather insight on how to deal with critical business and technology issues. Over the years, it has helped growing companies proactively lead the digital charge and has equipped their CIOs with the latest information about technological advancements as well as critical insights into managing existing networks.

The Economic Times realises that with the changing dynamics of the global economy, the role of the CIO has evolved in the corporate setting. They now have to drive value for their organizations, through adroit technology management.

The Economic Times Manufacturing IT Summit 2016 has been conceptualised to help CIOs –specifically from the manufacturing and industrial field – to network exclusively with peers, industry leaders as well as management experts from this domain and discover the latest trends in business and technology. They can use these insights to plot IT initiatives for their companies, while keeping their respective business challenges in perspective.

CIOs have grown from business managers and to bridge the gap between IT and business in companies to become the next level of digital leaders. They are the stakeholders who will chart the direction of their organization’s growth.

As a digital leader, are you prepared to excel in this new leadership role?
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